Four Ways To Begin Overcoming Your Fear Of Flying

Once an individual decides to begin seeking treatment for their fear of flying, the question of where to begin can be daunting. A brief Internet search on the topic returns of 12 million webpages on the subject! There are therapists and hypnosis claiming tho have the “secret cure”, book and programs galore, and full blown step by step programs to use to conquer your fear. Where does a fearful flier turn to for help? There are three main paths that can be taken.

The first, and unfortunately most common path is one of trial and error. The person suffering from a flying phobia will try a little hypnosis, maybe some deep breathing, a book, or maybe even rely on the “Laws of the Universe” in the hopes of overcoming their fear of flying. As you may expect, using trial and error is rarely successful, and even in the incredibly rare circumstance that it is, is virtually never the most efficient way to approach overcoming flying anxiety. Far better is the decision to follow a structured path to recovery, just like you are much more likely to create a delicious dinner by following a recipe rather than haphazardly filling a pot with whatever you grab from the pantry and hoping for the best.

Seeking individual therapy is another common solution, and with the right therapist or psychologist, can be very beneficial. However, it is very rare to find a therapist who specializes in treating the fear of flying in your particular area. There may be those that CLAIM to be able to treat this fear effectively, but in most cases, this simply means that they feel they can probably help in some way, not that they have the skills and experience necessary to be considered an expert in the treatment of the fear of flying. If the therapist you encounter does claim to specialize in treating anxiety while flying, ask to see articles they have had published that deal with this fear, or evidence of a workshop they have led. Their lack of ability to produce one or both of those will be a strong indicator to look elsewhere for treatment of your phobia. The fear of flying is simply too complicated to be treated by a generalist.

Self-help resources for the treatment of fears and phobias are growing in popularity and for good reason, they have may advantages over other treatment methods. Very good resources for the fear of flying have been created by some of the leading experts in the field, so you can be assured that the advice is from a qualified expert and not a generalist. While traditional therapy can cost thousands of dollars and take many months, some of the best self-help programs for the fear of flying can be purchased without ever leaving your home for well under $100, less than you would probably pay for a single session with an under qualified therapist. You can also work through a self-help program privately in your own home, at your own pace.

One of the more popular self-help programs for overcoming the fear of flying, and one that is recommended by both pilots and doctors alike, is the Takeoff Today Program. It is a very affordable program developed by one of the true experts in the field, Rich Presta, and contains written, audio, and even video material. With wonderful resource such as this available to you at such a nominal price, the best path to overcoming you flying anxiety should seem obvious.

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